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All our colors are based on the RAL system and are UV resistant, which makes them suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use.


Characteristics of the holds

- Material
The special formula of which the holds are made is the strongest possible for polyester based holds, that also expresses the brightness of the colors.

alt- Safety System
All bolt-on holds, with the exception of the footholds, have a metal spring inserted, that prevents the fall of big fragments in case the hold fractures.



altFixation Hole
The fixation hole of the holds is created for a socket head bolt because of our   ”XConcept system”, which requires some tolerance between the hole and the fastener. For more information see: “XConcept System”/How does it work/

alt* For smaller holds, with a shallow fixation hole, we recommend to use a thin socket head or a countersink bolt.


altalt- Screw on fixation hole
Each hold, except for a several footholds, has an extra hole for a screw which is always a benefit in a gym or competition route setting. (Almost 80% of the XCULT holds have an equal distance between the fixation holes and that is part of the” XConcept system”). For more information see:“XConcept System”/ How does it work /

- Washers
All holds are with integrated washers for the main M10 bolt hole and for the screw holes. That way the pressure by tightening the hold is significantly absorbed and this lowers the risk of breaking.

alt- Hollow back
All XL and XXL holds that allow it, have reduced weight thanks to the hollow back.


alt alt- Logo
Each hold is branded with the XCULT logo. You can find it in two variations – full logo or just a trade mark.


alt- Number
Each hold, even the smallest ones, has a personal identification number which is directly connected to ”XConcept system”. For more information see: “XConcept System“ /How does it work/


altalt- Marker
Some holds have a marker that is connected to the” XConcept system”. For more information see “XConcept System”/ How does it work /





- To avoid rotation of the hold during the climbing, or over tightening when you tag the hold on a plywood wall or XCS wall, we recommend always to pre-secure it with a screw (or M4 bolt for XCS wall).
- For plywood use a 4,5-5mm screw.
- If you use an electrical screwdriver for the fastening of the screws (or M4 bolt for XCS wall) we recommend to start tightening from a low force level and increase the levels until you find the proper force of the electrical screwdriver, avoiding the breakage of the thinnest holds and deformation or breakage of the screw head.
- Some of the larger holds have a deeper fixation hole for the screw (or M4 bolt).In this case use the extender bit for screws.



- XCULT holds are made from a special mixture based on polyester resin. Like all polyester holds on the market they are extremely hard, with more durable friction then the PU holds, but they are also fragile.
- Don’t over tighten the holds more then necessary. To offer a real challenge for technical climbing movements we designed some of the holds optimally thin. But those types of holds require a more gentle care.
- When you are setting routes, don’t drop the holds from high to prevent breakage of the thinnest parts.
- Do not place the hold on an uneven surface, because that can lead to breakage when you are tightening it or, even worse, during climbing.
- Don’t wash the holds with hot water or a steam jet washer if you want to preserve the original color brightness.